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Couple Harmony

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The Empowered Wife

Page 2

My Story & Expertise

Page 3

What to Expect From This Training

Page 4

How to Leverage the Information

Page 5

Do you enjoy being sad?

Page 6

Know that you are not alone.

Page 7

Your role as a wife.

Page 8

Communication is key.

Page 9

The power of dwelling in unity.

Page 10

Marriage is an us situation.

Page 11

He has to lead.

Page 12

Trust the process.

Page 13

Nurture your self-esteem.

Page 14

Be intentional and disciplined.

Page 15

The issue with nagging.

Page 16

Manage emotional triggers and emotions

Page 17

The prayer factor.

Page 18

Communication Strategies

Page 19

Understand you and your partner’s conflict style.

Page 20

Understand you and your partner’s love language.

Page 21

There is a right time and a wrong time to share your issues.

Page 22

Discuss and agree on ground rules.

Page 23

Avoid blaming your partner.

Page 24

Get straight to the point.

Page 25

Focus on the topic at hand.

Page 26

Give each other time to speak and listen.

Page 27

Tell your partner what you want and let them do it.

Page 28

Bake in accountability into your process.

Page 29

Try talking in the subliminal.

Page 30

Practice giving soft answers.

Page 31

Learn to forgive.

Page 32

Give grace.

Page 33

Final Remarks

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Additional Resources

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