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Paul Emery s HOW Quit Smoking Coaching Program What Paul the therapist got me doing was for me particularly was just getting rid of smoking out my life completely Phil Burton Human Nature Pop Star and Aria Award Winner During my HOW Quit Smoking program I ll coach guide and support you helping you to quit smoking forever No nicotine replacements are needed ever Not even any drugs patches gum or vaping And no willpower needed You just don t need it with my program ever There are no cravings to battle with no anxiety to go through when quitting and no gaining weight after you stop smoking Because you ll be armed with simple yet extremely effective techniques which when used knock out cravings and anxiety fast Real fast

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With this simple yet groundbreaking quit smoking program you ll wonder why you ever thought that to stop smoking would be so difficult Because with your interaction you ll discover it s easier than you could possibly imagine Frequently Asked Questions What does HOW mean It s a way to remember the 3 main keys to the quit smoking program Halt the Habit Overcome the Obstacles Welcome the New You Why is this program so effective Because it s a non traditional innovative program that incorporates the very latest evidence based psychology and neuroscience Interactive mind and body techniques and ways of thinking that have been researched and developed by leading doctors myself and other cutting edge therapists over the past 40 years that have been designed to enable you to quit smoking The HOW Quit Smoking Program was created by myself over the past 20 years And was developed through extensive research and experience working alongside countless quit smoking clients I ve been smoking more than a pack a day for 25 years I don t smoke anymore And I m pretty sure I won t start again Neriman Dagli Turkey

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What can the program help with Overcoming the desire to smoke cigarette cravings Breaking the smoking triggers associations e g after meals with alcohol Eliminating the reasons behind the smoking e g stress and anxiety Dispelling the smoking benefits myths Overcoming any unsupportive beliefs to being and remaining a non smoker Reducing the emotional and physical withdrawal Managing emotions on a daily basis e g stress anger and worry Eliminating any blocks and self sabotaging behaviours to being a non smoker Discovering your quit smoking benefits timeline Discovering and reinforcing your compelling reasons to be a non smoker Discovering and reinforcing the ideal future non smoking you How not to put on weight when you quit smoking How to reprogram your mind for continuing long term success How to be a happier more confident and calm non smoker Even around other smokers And much more It was definitely a motivational session that truly made me feel good I m sure anyone who participates in these sessions will definitely feel much better Harper s Bazaar Editor How long will it take for me to quit smoking Everyone s circumstances and needs are different of course Which have to be discussed and diagnosed But generally speaking most people on the HOW program quit smoking within a week to 10 days Some much sooner The more you are motivated committed and determined to stop smoking and importantly follow my instructions and do what is necessary both during and as homework if required Then the sooner you will quit smoking Saying all that however there is no pressure from me to quit smoking We do it at your own pace So I will have techniques I can use between sessions and in the future to help if needed Yes absolutely Not only will they be demonstrated to you live over our online sessions but you ll also have exclusive access to helpful written instructions and exclusive tailored videos if required And just to add the techniques are easy to do and are very effective when used to manage any future cigarette cravings and stress etc

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How are the sessions provided They are provided easily and conveniently online via video How long is a session Approximately 50 60 minutes If we are in the middle of something I don t stop the session however but continue until a suitable break arises time permitting After this program will I remain a non smoker forever I don t have a crystal ball And some of that responsibility is in your hands of course to follow and use the techniques demonstrated if ever needed in the future However yes with my program most people don t need to do anything else and will remain a non smoker forever If at any time in the future you feel you may want to smoke again then just get back in touch with me and I ll help you out No charge Do you guarantee you can make me stop smoking As you know there aren t really any guarantees in life except death and taxes And not even any doctor could make a 100 guarantee on anything they did Could you 100 Plus everyone is a free thinking individual no one can truly make you do anything against your will However having said all the above my program has a very high success rate more than nicotine patches gum medication vaping substitute hypnosis alone and most other psychological programs Therefore if you fully participate in the program and follow my simple instructions then what I will wholeheartedly guarantee as I have with all my past successful clients will be to give you all the very best of my vast experience knowledge and ability to help you quit smoking forever Can anyone join the program Unfortunately I can t take on everyone for my quit smoking program So there is a short quick pre qualifying questionnaire below You must understand I can only take on those who are eligible for quit smoking coaching and support with myself Because if you re not truly serious and ready to stop smoking then I don t want to waste your time and money and my time Fair enough Therefore if you want or need to quit smoking and think you are really ready to stop smoking permanently then simply click the link below and complete the questionnaire

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Please Note If I don t get back to you then it means I don t think you are yet ready to quit smoking and therefore not eligible for my Quit Smoking Program ACCESS YOUR ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE HERE What is the financial investment in myself and your program Your individual circumstances and requirements have to be diagnosed so that your program and the amount of sessions can be tailored to your specific needs I know from past clients that the cost of smoking is just a small part of stopping smoking that it s often more about health and other important reasons However having said that most people realize they recoup the cost of their investment in this program in a very short while We can discuss your options by way of an initial free no obligation online chat I will also provide a live demo of a small part of my treatment to reduce cigarette cravings Paul is great it helped me Kate Moss Fashion Icon and Supermodel About Your HOW Quit Smoking Coach Paul Emery Trained by some of the world s best doctors therapists Professional therapist and coach for over 27 years Worked out of 22 international health resorts clinics around the world from UK India Hong Kong to Australia Awarded Holistic Treatment of the Year 2020 21 Global Wellness Day Featured Speaker Featured by Fox Sky CH 9 Australia Vogue Forbes Financial Times Cosmopolitan Women s Health Men s Health Harper s Bazaar GQ Gala OK Contributing co author of 2 Amazon bestselling books The Soul of Success with Jack Canfield The Winning Way with Brian Tracy Thousands of successful clients include CEO s Royalty Doctors Athletes Rock Pop TV stars and next maybe you Until we possibly meet All good wishes for your future greater health Paul Emery If you have any further questions then you can email info quantumepr com