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HY+M Method Reveal

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HY M Method Revealed By Zac Jones Applications flexibility strength power injury avoidance technique upgrades Today I m sharing the method behind this whole dance improvement system called Heal Yourself and Move Once you understand the fundamentals you can take this and use it in any dance style at any level at any age Doing it organically with nothing but your own body and optional a tennis ball Then layer up to high skill level and hit peak performance safely at the right time for your or your students bodies This is repeatable it s highly systematic It s also super fun The Heal Yourself and Move Method consists of 1 Identify the obstacle 2 Remove the blockage 3 Increase the range of movement possibility 4 Strengthen deep muscles through activation via external stimuli 5 Create a specific transition pathway to technique So let s go though this step by step so we can see precisely how it pertains to getting rapid results for you and or your students 1 Identify the obstacle This is about simply nominating what it is you want to improve Put simply if it s feet then it s about selecting the particular aspect of the feet you wish to get better at whether that s flexibility or strength or power or overcoming injury if it s hips it could be d velopp or leg swings or just walking without pain

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2 Remove the Blockage Next we identify and work to remove the impediment to the efficient pain free performance of the particular action you are trying to achieve We do this by applying Pillar 1 Release of the Heal Yourself and Move Method which helps to remove tension and integrate subtle movement integration throughout the body thus opening up the specified area to increased freedom of movement 3 Increase the Range of Movement Possibility From here it s about extending this increased freedom to increased range and this is done by using Pillar 2 of the Heal Yourself and Move Method Increase On a practical level this means identifying any further impediments to movement freedom after applying Pillar 1 When they are identified it is simply a matter of using Release with Increase to go further into ranges An important point is never to look for a stretch with Increase but rather to become more and more attuned to identifying resistance and releasing it 4 Strengthen deep muscles through activation via external stimuli After unblocking the impediment to movement action and increasing it s range the next step is to access the muscles that actually move our bones vital for dancing and obviously any movement activity In the Heal Yourself and Move method we do this by utilising Pillar 4 Load or stimulation of the deepest or intrinsic muscles of the body within Released and Increased movement ranges In other words we activate the deepest muscles attaching to bone without compromising the flow freedom and ease allowed by the 1st two Pillars This is achieved through using external stimuli to elicit a natural movement response involving the intrinsic muscles without triggering the outer muscle gatekeepers 5 Create a specific transition pathway to technique The final step is application of all the previous 3 Pillars unified simultaneously in the service of a specific step or steps This 4 Pillar is called Unleash and it is often the point where the big ahah moments happen for students as they can see the outcome directly in their dance skills These 5 steps utilising the 4 Pillars of Release Increase Load and Unleash can be accessed for excellent results in the space of just one class when taught for the first time and when the process is understood by students in as little as a few minutes This means that extra classes in stretching and conditioning become unnecessary as the HY M system can be inserted directly into your existing classes to achieve wonderful results in injury prevention training recovery flexibility strength and technique

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To find out how this system can work for your body students or studio you can just find a time to chat with me here https calendly com zac hym hy m skilability breakthrough session And to get weekly live training on just about any dance and teaching topic under the sun please feel free to join the Heal Yourself and Move FB Community over 2k teachers dancers and studio owners here https www facebook com groups healyourselfmove Chat soon Zac

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