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Matters of the HEAART- Failing at Goals.

Page 1 CEO Blog, Dec. 28, 2022 Follow & Subscribe Matters of the Issue # 8 ◦Human Resources ◦Corporate Social Responsibility ◦ Environment ◦ Training & Development ◦Technology “What Happens When We Don’t Achieve Our Goals?” Happiness is the emotion most people experience when they accomplish an objective, goal, achievement, etc. The efforts of planning, practicing, developing, and implementing projects on a personal or professional level would be frivolous if the results were not met with a satisfactory end. This is true in most of the things we do in life. The purpose, vision, and the ultimate mission of the doer(s) of the action(s) must be aligned with a certain level of commitment to bring out the success. Bring home the gold!!! Everyone loves to win and to broadcast their success. But what happens when we lose? How do we feel and react when we aren’t successful? In this Matters of the HEAART CEO Blog, I reflect on failing to attain a goal in 1986 and in 2022 and its effects. The impact of missing the mark comes with heartache, disappointment, and lessons to live by. H A A R T H R There I was on the track comprised of 8 lanes for the competition. I could see the crowd cheering in the stands and smell the fresh rubber of the track. Being the strongest runner of our four-man team, gave me the responsibility to be the last leg - the anker of the team. I was supposed to bring home the gold! When my teammate handed me the baton, we were in the lead comfortably. To my surprise when I was on the last stretch of the track, I heard footsteps coming upon me, then huffing and puffing of a highly determined opponent who ‘walked me down’ like a freight train. We ended up with the second place and I was devastated. After the race, my uncle took me for a short walk, then he admonished me (held me to account) in private between two adjacent buildings. I was very sad, and told him, we almost had the gold, he replied “Almost is not good enough!” I became complacent with previous victories. Comfort KILLS! Many successful athletes and business personas have touted this. We won second place in an eight-team race. It is standard for contestants to train beforehand, some harder than others. Some are more naturally gifted, agile, passionate, determined, and ambitious to win. What about the third to eighth place teams? They finished the race, that is one of the most important take aways. Finishing the race despite of the time it takes. Doing what is necessary but don’t stop moving forward towards the goal. In my youth from 7 to 12 years old, I participated in the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Track and Field league. I was never the fastest runner, hence the 40-to-100m dash were not my races, instead I ran the longer races; the 200m, 400m, 800m and the 4x400meters relay team. In 1986 I went on a trip with my AAU track team, (coached by my uncle) sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of America. I recall that experience vividly. We drove from Texas to California for a meet during the summertime. After successfully completing the 200m and 400m races with first and second place ribbons. It was time for the team race-the mile relay. Focus on the goal(s) is always essential. On the journey to achieve goals, the big picture must remain in mind, but don’t lose sight of the small details and vice versa. Vision and optimism do not attain goals alone. It is the actions/habits that will move you forward to the goal. Fill in the blank is the emotion most people experience when they fail to attain an objective, goal, achievement, etc. Emotions that thwart the attainment of personal goals, generally negative. They are known as Goal-incongruent emotions. It is important not to languish in these emotions When We Don’t Achieve Our Goals! Keep it Moving. Fail forward!! Goal-Incongruent Emotions: anger, anxiety, disgust, envy, fright, guilt, jealousy, sadness, shame, frustration, hopelessness Read or listen to the previous blog: Five Key Factors to Remain Steadfast on the PDP’- Personal Development Plan

Page 2 ` SIX ASPECTS to GOAL ACHIEVEMENTS HUMAN ENVIRONMENT ACTION ACCOUNTABILITY RESOURCES TRAINING ▪ Be self-aware (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.) ▪ Create positive self-talk and affirmations ▪ Compete with yourself daily, make today better than yesterday ▪ Be passionate, live & learn, strive for excellence ▪ Return to the inner child and pursue your dreams ▪ Create a positive mental landscape ▪ Respect the habitat ▪ Assimilate to the environment and make it a familiar ▪ Get rid of negativity and its people which distract you ▪ Observe what benefits and the harms ▪ Be a part of the solution ▪ Take immediate action and don’t stop ▪ Stay consistent, even when not motivated ▪ Keep pushing yourself to achieve new goals ▪ Work towards mastery of your skillset, niche, job, hobby, etc. ▪ Be infectious to others-contagiously positive ▪ Hold self-responsible, no blaming of others ▪ Acknowledge small victories, make them your normal behavior. ▪ Review plan daily, weekly, monthly, ▪ Reset/reinforce quickly ▪ Enlist someone (mentor, coach) to hold you to the fire ▪ Don’t lie to yourself ▪ Evaluate ▪ Utilize accordingly ▪ Play to your strengths ▪ Create partnerships ▪ Innovate ▪ Think outside the box ▪ Money is not the only resource ▪ Analyzes gaps ▪ Schedule and mandate time for learning daily ▪ Implement tasks ▪ Sharpen the sword ▪ Consistency over intensity ▪ Evaluate performance ▪ Prioritize How can we help your business: • Full Spectrum of HR Services • Career Coaching • Resume Writing • Instructional Design • Training & Career Development Programs • Speaking Events • Leadership Development Programs Matters of the HEAART Written & compiled by Abdurrahman Abdullah CEO & Founder, HEAART IMC, LLC Written & compiled by Abdurrahman Abdullah CEO & Founder, HEAART IMC This year I created a plan with a Strategic Outlook 2022, however I only complete 46%. The plan focused on 4 areas: Business Development, Digital Marketing and Transformation, HR and Training Operations and Technology. As a solopreneur, I could give a lot of excuses why I did not achieve the goals as planned for this year, like, its my first year, I don’t have time, etc. Instead of beating myself up and dwelling in a place of negativity. I will use this opportunity to keep going forward and finish the race. Being overly critical of self for too long, hinders progress and growth, just as celebrating prematurely for small achievements does. The positive emotional satisfaction of a couple achievements must not stop the desire and efforts to continue towards bigger goals. It is natural to be disheartened when we don’t achieve the goals, however what matters most are the lessons learned from defeat. Goals are meant to challenge and stretch us in a direction attached to upward purpose. For many years, the idea of starting my own company turned over in my heaart and mind. Finally in 2022, I established HEAART International Management Consultancy, that was one goal. Now the real work begins. Plans look great on paper; execution is the key component to progress. As a solopreneur I must manage every aspect of establishing the business and cannot rely much on delegating tasks. As a founder, I am also the responsible for producing and delivering the products or services. This is my reality as a solopreneur at this stage. Input equals output. You get what you give. Simple and to the point. Grant Cardone said, “Make time, not excuses” The truth is I spent more time on things contrary to my goals. Using time wisely is important for goal achievement. Each second counts. There are 86,400 seconds and an average of 103,680 heart beats in a day. Time optimization requires analyzation of quantity of activities conducted, frequency and quality of efforts exerted. Life is like a project, it has a start, plans, ideas, delays, milestones, problems, solutions, successes, failures, and will eventually end. Each day we are alive we have another opportunity to use our heart and mind towards growth, improvement and to space to do what truly makes us happy. I’d like to briefly introduce the HEAART Concept covers a full spectrum of business requirements and is a mapping tool that can be used for individuals and organizational development. HEAART starts with the people - the human (Watch: Make a Difference) and their characteristics that can be nurtured and developed over time. What Got You Here, Won't Get You There, a book by Marshall Goldsmith explains how you can reach your full potential by eliminating 21 harmful work behaviors. He argues that while engaging in these behaviors may not have stopped you from getting “here”—to your current level of success—they won’t get you “there”—to the heights of success that you ultimately aspire for. Growth is not a conveyor belt process where you will be stamped as competent to move to the next level. Reflect on the six HEAART aspects and some approaches (ref. table below) necessary on the journey to GOAL ACHIEVEMENT.