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MINISTRY IN ACTION An inside look at the ministries and works ofOverflow Church both locally and internationally. “THE BEST IS YET TO COME!”PASTOR EDDY NUBINE, SR & PATRICIA NUBINEOVERFLOW CHURCHWORLD-WIDE MINISTRIES1ST

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Overflow Church KenyaKisii KenyaWHO & WHEREWHO & WHERE HOUSTON TEXAS, KISII KENYAAND LAGOS NIGERIA 2018 to PresentHouston, TXHeadquartersLight City AcademyLagos Nigeria“Our love for people throughJesus Christ has compelled us to“GO” into all the world. Wehave and we will continue!”

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Kisii KenyaOFC KenyaCollege Student ProgramChicken CoopCrop Lease/ ownershipSTARTSTARTFROM STREET CORNERS INHOUSTON TEXAS TO LANDSCAPES IN AFRICA2018 to PresentWater give-a-wayQuarter ministryBlanket Give a-way Apartment feedingCommunity Clean-upFeeding the home-lessHouston TexasLight City Academy160 Children enrolledAcademy building Purchase

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Local OutreachThe Cost Of Ministry070908Academy in Lagos Nigeria06Kenya On The MoveCONTENTS04 03In The Beginning0510Comments & SuggestionsLocal Outreach (2)Kenya Full Potential Houston Location

Overflow Church 

4500 Hwy 6 N, Suite 1500

0Houston, TX 77084

Service Time: Every Sunday @10:00am


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Ofc Ministry FromThe BeginningWe believe that everyonewas created to make adifference. We believethat there is a God-given cause for eachand every one of us torecognize and live out.We are convinced that thelocal church is one of thegreatest causes on earth.The local church opens itsarms to every dimensionand facet of society andoffers a solution that canheal the deepest hurts. Ithas become the bridge forgaps of what has oftenseemed to be hopeless. In 2012 Me, Patricia andour 3 children landed inHouston after a 15-hourflight from Seoul Korea. Wewere unsure of where wewould live but we knewwhy we were here. In August 2014 wesponsored andconducted a successfuloutreach project. We, in effect, aretouching and changingthe lives of numerouspeople for Christ. In 2018, we launchedOverflow Church, a lifegiving church on thenorthwest side ofHouston. Our hearts andminds continue to bedrawn towards seeingpositive and Christ-centered change in thiscity and in the peoplewho live here. We havesteadily witnessed Goddoing awesome thingsthrough OFC and webelieve that the best isyet to come. By faith we believe wewill see generations ofpeople from all walks oflife positively impactedand energized to spreadthe love of Jesus Christ. 03BEGINNINGWe gave away waterbottles and soda forfree. That was the firstof many outreachefforts which alsoinclude feeding thehomeless, winterblanket drives,quarter giveaways atlocal laundromats,providing bibles tothose in need ofthem locally and inAfrica, helping thosein need withgroceries, providingrent paymentassistance, sponsoringyouth activity events,visiting nursinghomes, feeding theresidents of anextended stay hotelthe InTown Suitesand more.

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The Local OutreachFaith-in-Action!“Without faith it is impossible to [walk with Godand] please Him” Hebrews 11:6Who are we? What we do! “We Love God,We Love People, We Help YouDiscover your Purpose, and We Make ADifference!” From the podium to the streets. We conducttwo live streams, one on Sunday at 10:00amand one on Wednesday at 7:00pm. Localministries consist of: The (Laundromat)Quarter ministry: This ministry providesquarters to those who need or want them(We provide $5.00 in quarters in zip-lockbags with a ministry card and or tract). Werandomly select various locations innorth Houston to activate/ operate thisministry. Housing and transportation:This ministry provides rental vehicles,loaner vehicles, rental assistance andtransportation assistance using Uber orLyft to help transport individuals to and fromchurch. (The level of assistance varies basedon individual needs). 04LOCAL

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Blanket Ministry: This ministry collectsblankets to give away periodically duringcolder/winter months to provide warmth as well assupply hand warmers for the homeless. Foodand more: This ministry has provided free dinnerto an entire apartment complex in a lowerincome area (in Houston TX), We also providedmeals and live music to residents at anextended-stay hotel. We conduct food drivesperiodically to donate to organizations like Cy-Hope and the Houston Food Bank. We havepartnered with and we make monthlycontributions to Lucille’s 1913, a non-profitorganization. They provide meals to theelderly and under-privileged children. Wehave helped to provide over 2300 meals todate. Water Ministry: This ministry providesfree water bottles to the homeless as well asrandom strangers who may want or need water(during the warmer/hot months). Care Packs: Wegiveaway packs containing various items(mostly for the homeless) such as socks, t-shirts, tooth brush and tooth paste, packs ofgum and more. Women’s & Men’s ministries: Weconduct sessions / meet-ups with Womenand men to help them work through common anddifficult life situations while providing a safeenvironment for transparency. We providementorship to young adults to help prepare themfor life and ministry. The Local Outreach(More)Faith-in-Action!“For we walk by faith not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7LOCAL 05

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We Founded Overflow ChurchKenya in 2018 in Kisii Kenyawith 20-25 people. Now it hasgrown to over 500 members.We have given away hundredsof bibles to the natives on ourtrips there as well as shoes,books and toys. We haveErected a water well equippedwith a 1600 gallon above-ground tank and an electricpump. The Well operates from6:00am to 9:00pm daily andprovides water to over 10communities and also feedswater into 5 schools. We arepaying for 2 young ladies toattend college. (they are now intheir final year) We have paid fornumerous children to attendsecondary school providingbooks, paper, shoes and uniformsand more. Our Youth-to-College programwas first initiated 3 years ago.Our first two candidates areapproaching completion of their degrees!International WorksInternational WorksKenya On The MoveKenya On The Move06KENYA“WE’REBOTH INCOLLEGE”

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07KENYA We purchased a land-leaseconsisting of 2 ⁄ acres where wegrow our own crops consisting of corn, beans, plantains, tea and a few other items to help feed orphansand others in need. We are helping to feed approximately 100-150people per week to include children.We have completely paid for theinstallation of electricity powering the entire compound that houses over 30 orphans and 10 to 12 adults. In late 2023 We purchased 55chickens and constructed aChicken coop to house them. Our Eggs-for-Independence project will help off-set futureexpenses through egg sales.International WorksInternational WorksKenya Full of PotentialKenya Full of PotentialWE PLAN TO SELLEGGS IN THEMARKETPLACEDuncan & Faith Pastors OFC KenyaDuncan & Faith Pastors OFC Kenya

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Light City AcademyLagos NigeriaGodswill & GoodnessPastors & Directors LCAGodswill & GoodnessPastors & Directors LCAOur academy in Lagos is a move offaith. In 2021 We helped to opena school in Nigeria called LightCity Academy. We now help toeducate over 150 children atvarious ages from pre-school to 12thgrade. We pay for all uniforms,books and other various school Wealso help to feed between 100-150children weekly. We were able to purchase andreplaced a P.A. System for thechurch that unfortunately hadbeen stolen.Sports daySports dayWe were able to visit theschool in person. While therewe paid the teachers theirmonthly salary. We also hadthe great privilege of prayingfor the leaders, the students,and the building it self.08NIGERIA

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Help Wanted!The Cost of MinistryThe Cost of MinistryKenya = $10-12K per year( + $1-2K variation)Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at themand said, “With man this isimpossible, but with God allthings are possible.” We ask for your prayers andsupport as we continue helpingpeople from all walks of lifelocally and around the world!Will You partner with us? 09COSTLagos Nigeria = $13-15K per year( + $1-2K variation)Local Ministry = $18-20K per year( + $1-2K variation)Scan Hereto give Click or

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10Locations: Houston TexasKisii KenyaLagos NigeriaPhone: 713-427-9918www.overflowchurch.tvwww.overflowkenya.comSUGGESTIONS~ COMMENTS