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Valmet Flowrox Pump Solutions

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e industry bench-mark for pumpingFlowrox™ pump solutions

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Product portfolio1977 Pinch valves2002 Peristaltic pumps2008 Pump service, metering pumps 2011 Name changed from Larox Flowsys to Flowrox2011 Progressive cavity pumps2015 Pulsation dampeners2017 Packaged pumping systems2019 Centrifugal pumps2021 Flowrox brand acquired by Neles2022 Valmet and Neles mergedWe deliver advanced pumping solutions for the most demanding process conditions. Our story started over 40 years ago making us industry experts on flow control. Over the years we have delivered over 150,000 products worldwide. Our unique pump design saves energy and water increasing your process availability and reducing total cost of ownership.Flowrox peristaltic pumps have the unique eccentric rolling hose compression. e rolling design extends the hose life time and simplifes maintenance.We provide the optimal solutionWe exist to make your life easierCustomer benefits • Low total cost of ownership• Low operating costs• Improved process performance• Long service intervals• Minimized downtime• Heavy duty design3

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Customer case: Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant, USAProducts: Flowrox PC Pump, EL SeriesApplication: Waste water slurry pumping Benefits: • Increased pumping efficiency • Savings in maintenance costs • Savings in energy consumption0 Customer case: Terrafame, FinlandProducts: Flowrox LPP-T65 / LPP-T2.5” Hose PumpsApplication: Washing liquid circulation pumpsBenefits: • Large capacity • Moving process water with high solids content • Savings in energy0Flowrox pump references Customer case: LKAB iron ore mine, SwedenProducts: Flowrox LPP-T100 / LPP-T4” Hose PumpsApplication: ickener underflow, tailingsBenefits: • Ability to pump thicker slurries • Extended service intervals with easier maintenance • Operational reliability04

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Customer case: Chemical plant, CHEMPARK, GermanyProducts: Flowrox LPP-T65 / LPP-T2.5” peristaltic hose pumpsApplication: Feeding automatic filter presses Benefits: • Long service intervals • Less wearing parts • Reliable operation0 Customer case: Surfactor, FinlandProducts: Flowrox LPP-D pumpsApplication: Glue feed, color dosing Benefits: • Accurate dosing • Long maintenance intervals • Low maintenance cost0 Customer case: Paper mill, FinlandProducts: Flowrox E250/10 PC PumpsApplication: Paste pumping from coating kitchen to paper coating machine Benefits: • Higher capacity with better output • Savings in maintenance costs • Increased productivity05

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Customer case: Aquachem GmbH and CURRENTA GmbH & Co. OHGReliable Flowrox pumps paired with automated flexible filtrationProject name: Isolation of solids from waste water generated by flue-gas scrubbing Products: LPP-T65 / LPP-T2.5” peristaltic hose pumps x 8Application: Feeding eight fully automatic filter presses for flue-gas scrubbing process Benefits: • Long service intervals • Self-priming • Reversible run capability • Less wearing parts • High qualityOUR CUSTOMER: Aquachem GmbHJames Babbe founded Aquachem GmbH in 1994. e company is based in Senden, Bavaria, Germany. It is mostly involved in the water and wastewater industry as well as in construction, the chemical process industry, and metal, food, pharma and ATEX applications. Since 2000, Aquachem has focused on developing and designing fully automatic filter presses. With nearly three decades of experience in using filter presses for solid liquid filtration, Aquachem offers efficient and optimized solutions.OUR END CUSTOMER: CURRENTA GmbHCURRENTA GmbH & Co. OHG is the manager and service provider of three CHEMPARK sites located in Germany in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. A joint venture between Bayer and Lanxess offers 70 companies based at CHEMPARK more than 1,000 chemical-related services across an area covering 11 square kilometers / 4.4 sgmi. ese include utilities, environmental services, safety and security, infrastructure, analytics, vocational training, logistics, and maintenance services.6

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“I could recommend Flowrox pumps for any filter feed application.”Flowrox LPP-T hose pumps are easy to incorporate into any control system.CURRENTA has been extremely satised with operation and reliability of Flowrox pumps.Successfully isolated solids from waste water generated by ue-gas scrubbing. When pumps operate smoothly, lters can do their job.Flexible production through automationCURRENTA provides services tovarious operations and their dierentdemanding applications within the large CHEMPARK area. Filters andpumps need to adapt quickly to changing process conditions.“Slurry in the ltration plant varies as we have numerous types of waste from multiple producers. Applications vary from diused lithium batteries to pharmaceutical waste. Filtration plant needs to adapt to continuous process changes receiving non-homogeneous feed from ue-gas scrubbing yet oer 100 % reliable and safe operation. It is a demanding application as the ltrate needs to be clean to be released back into the process or the river Rhine,” explains Michael Schulte, Technical Foreman of incineration plants at CHEMPARK Leverkusen, CURRENTA.“e application is very abrasive and requires high performance and resilience from the process equipment. As in any startup, we have faced some challenges. However, on rare occasions when a pump has failed, we have always received excellent and immediate support from Flowrox,” adds James Babbé, the CEO & Founder of Aquachem GmbH. Aquachem is focused on developing and designing fully automatic lter presses used in this application.Matching process requirements with Flowrox process equipment“We have been using Flowrox pumps since 2009. ey insure steady and reliable feed, which is essential for our unique fully automatic lter solutions. If the pump does not work, ltration equipment does not run either. Pump is the heart of the movement,” Babbé explains. Flowrox LPP-T hose pumps allow continuous monitoring and are easy to incorporate into any control system. “We are familiar the with superior performance of Flowrox pumps. In 2008 we built a new tank farm for uid waste treatment. We needed reliable pumps for challenging application which could handle extreme duty cycles. We rst looked for joint membrane pumps which t our requirements to pump 35 m3/h / 154 gpm. However, we ended up ordering Flowrox LPP-T transfer pumps and they have performed to our expectations,” Schulte explains. Professional and localized customer service“I could recommend Flowrox pumps for any lter feed applications. At Aquachem we are impressed by professionality of the company. Beyond product benets and technical features that are superior to its competitors, I also appreciate the openness when working with Flowrox. ey provide an outstanding representative network, localized customer service and utmost professionalism in everything that is being done,” Babbé complements.7

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Peristaltic pumpsFlowrox heavy duty hose pumps are designed for the toughest industrial applications. ey are ideal for demanding processes involving abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media with high solids content.Advanced rolling designe operating principle of the Flowrox hose pumps is based on the peristaltic eect. As the cylindrical rotor rotates along the hose, the process medium gets pushed forward through the hose. At the same time, the hose behind the compression point reverts to its original circular shape creating a suction eect at the pump inlet port. As a result, the hose bore is re-lled Flowrox heavy duty hose pumps from features to benefitswith the medium. No backward ow or slip can occur as the hose is squeezed tight by the roller.Due to their technical features, Flowrox hose pumps provide exact ow per revolution. ey also incorporate an advanced rolling design, which eliminates friction, maximizes hose life and lowers energy consumption. Energy eciency, long hose life and low maintenance generates substantial savings during the life cycle of peristaltic pumps. Lifetime of Flowrox pumps’ hoses is 3-5 times longer than conventional hose pumps.Trailblazing pump technologyFlowrox LPP-T pumps are equipped with a patented hose ange and reliable in-line pipe connections, as well as a hose leak detection unit. Technical features• Only the hose is in contact with the medium• Positive displacement with no backflow• Single roller design that enables minimized friction• Low lubrication need, only 25% that of conventional peristaltic pumps• No overheating at high continuous flow rate• Dry run capability • Selfpriming up to full vacuumRolling pump design Save energy up to 40%Less friction 75% less glycerineLonger hose lifetime Less maintenancePump up to 80% solids→→→→Save water8

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Comparison of Flowrox technologyFor transferring, dosing and metering e innovative Flowrox peristaltic pumps set the industry standard for peristaltic pump technology. Designed for heavy industrial duties, they are ideal for pumping diverse slurries and dosing a wide range of abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media.Flowrox rolling technology is capable of operating in continuous duty with its maximum pressure and maximum flow in the same point. is is where the conventional pump compromises either on pressure or flow. Compared to Flowrox pumps, conventional hose pumps can only reach either half the ow or half the pressure in continuous duty. What is more, Flowrox pumps can perform even with high temperature media up to 95 ˚C / 203 ˚F. LPP-T pumps provide substantial savings through improved process performance and eciency,long service intervals and low maintenance costs. ey are manufactured using durable elastomers and advanced materials, making them perfect for pumping a wide range of media.Flowrox hose pump technology vs. conventional technologyFlow rate m3/h / gpm20 / 8818 / 7916 / 7014 / 6212 / 5310 / 448 / 356 / 264 / 182 / 90LPP-T65/2.5” 65 mm / 2.5 inch conventionalContinuous duty 24/7 at 10 bar / 150 psi pressurePatented adjustment mechanism senses hose wear when compression is readjusted. is helps to maximize hose lifetime and minimize the risk of over-compression. ere is no need for shimming.e LPP-T100 / LPP-T4” is one of the world’s largest hose pumps, with a maximum continuous ow of 100m3/h / 440 gpm.9

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Progressive cavity pumpsFlowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps are ideal for demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications, especially with highly viscous or shear sensitive liquids and sludges.Technical features• Combination of an elliptic rotor and a stator with even wall thickness• More pressure with less strain • Increased flow per revolution• Long rotor/stator lifetime• Less backflowAdvanced spiral technologyIn PC pumps, the pumped medium continuously shis spaces (progressing cavities) between the rotor and the stator, enabling nearly pulsation-free pumping. With Flowrox technology it is possible to deliver up to 10 bar / 150 psi of pressure per single stage. is is possible with our evenwall stator technology that forms the heart of the entire pump.rough advanced technology and precise design, Flowrox PC Pumps offer you significant savings by reducing pumping costs.Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps from features to benefitsCustomer benefits• Over 30% higher pumping capacity compared to a conventional PC pump with same rpm• Save energy up to 15% compared to a conventional model• Minimized maintenance time enables the highest run time possible→→→Advanced product structure Longer maintenance intervalEvenwall® stator Higher pressure with RPM2/3 rotor geometry30% higher flow with same speed10

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Flowrox spiral technology vs. conventional technologyRPM300250200150100500Flowrox E4/10 pumpConventional PC pumpPump speed at 25 l/min / 0.26 gpm rateComparison of Flowrox technologyLess RPM needed to achieve the same flowrate. When the Flowrox PC pump performance is compared with conventional PC pumps, Flowrox 2/3 geometry pumping elements need less RPM than conventional 1/2 geometry pumping elements to achieve the same flow rate. Slower rotation speed guarantees less wear.11

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Centrifugal pumpsFlowrox centrifugal pumps are designed to continuously run in heavy duty conditions. e pump components are wear-resistant and can withstand the most abrasive and corrosive slurries.Centrifugal pumps by Flowrox are most t for mining, minerals processing and other industrial applications. Despite tough conditions, the pumps deliver reliable performance. Flowrox CF-S is a horizontal centrifugal pump designed for the continuous pumping of extremely abrasive and corrosive slurries. Wear- resistant components are made to withstand heavy-duty conditions.Flowrox CF-V centrifugal pump with vertical cantilever design runs continuously in heavy duty conditions. Wear-resistant components are t for the most abrasive and corrosive slurries. e CF-V pump is most suitable for mining, minerals processing and other industrial operations, delivering reliable performance in sumps and pits.CF-S technical features • High flow rates • Robust bearing assembly• Liner easily replaceable• Metal and elastomer liners are interchangeable• Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts• One-piece frame cradles the cartridge type bearing and shaft assemblyDespite tough conditions, Flowrox centrifugal pumps deliver reliable performance.Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumpsCF-S from features to benefits→→→Large particle impellersGeneral pump for coarse & fine slurriesAbrasion and corrosion resistant Longer maintenance intervalsTwo piece body Ease of maintenance12

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CF-V technical features• Cantilevered depth up to 3,6 m / 9.8 ft• No bearings in slurry• Large particle impellers available• Continuous or “snore” operation• Abrasive & corrosive resistant• Ease of maintenanceDespite tough conditions, Flowrox centrifugal pumps deliver reliable performance.CF-V from features to benefits→→→Advanced cantilevered design No bearings in slurryLarge particle impellers availableRobust pump for any applicationContinuous or "snore" operation capability Dry run capability13

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Flowrox Expulse™ pulsation dampenersWe provide complementary equipment that is designed to support the optimal flow. Enhance your process with the Flowrox Expulse pulsation dampener. Quiet and durable design It is common for positive displacement pumps to produce pulsation. e Flowrox Expulse is a exible inline pulsation dampener, which quiets noise Technical features• Absorbs up to 90% of pulsations• Enables pump bearings and gearbox last longer• Saves pumping energy up to 10%• Easy to install on any pulsating pump typewhile settling pressure peaks and uneven ows. e design is based on a double hose structure with resilient inner hose, reinforced outer hose and compressed air between the hoses.Flowrox Expulse• Absorbs up to 90% of the pulsation • Up to 10% energy savings • Reduces hammering of the pipeline and makes pump bearings and gearboxes last longer • All in one; exible pipeline connection and dampener • Can be installed on any pulsating pump from any brand• ere are no breaking diaphragms or bladders• Flowrox Expulse is self-cleaning • Does not collect sediment or particlesFlowrox Expulse from features to benefits→→→→→Saves energyAbsorbs up to 90% of pulsations and saves up to 10% of energyReduces noiseQuiets the annoying noise of the pulsating pump in the pipelines Protects pump bearings and gearbox Reduces pipeline pulsations Easy, independent and reliable Easy to install for any pulsating pumpSimple and flexible Easy and fast to maintain14

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Standard spare partsWith decades of experience in developing innovative flow control solutions and elastomer technology, we offer a wide selection of superior elastomers for diverse media and process conditions. e correct mechanical hose design and material selection are essential for optimizing hose lifetime.Optimal pump hoses and tubes for each media Our high-grade hose materials include chemical resistant ethylene propylene (EPDM), oil and fat resistant nitrile rubber (NBR), which is available also for food grade mediums (NBRF), and extremely abrasive natural rubber (NR), which is ideal for heavy wearing applications. • To guarantee the best possible mechanical characteristics, the hose cover is always made of natural rubber.• FXM tube material options are Norprene®, Tygothane® and Tygon lined Norprene®. LPP-T pump hose is preformed for easier installation LPP-D pump hose constructionOuter layer Reinforcement layersInner layerAuxiliaries Revolution sensor & pressure transmittere revolution sensor calculates the cycles of the pump. Pressure transmitter can be used to detect overpressure of the pipeline. e hose leak detector e hose leak detector indicates hose leakage into pump housing. It automatically stops the rotation of the pump when connected to the control system.15

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Customer benefits• Maintenance for valves & pumps• Specialised customer service• Fast deliveries• Wide selection of materials• High-quality spare parts• Service and warehousing agreementsWe manufacture and supply rotors, stators, drive shas, coupling rods, joint assemblies, bearings sets and sealings. Spare parts are manufactured according to highest quality and environment standards with 20 years of experience.A reliable partnership Enjoy the benets that come with selecting a partner that understands your process needs and unique chal-lenges.Our products provide industry- proven eciency and reliability based on well-thought-out designs and material selections paired with dedicated service expertise.Full product assemblies with service coverage across their entire lifecycle, all from one responsible source,ensure optimized performance.We offer:• On-time trouble-free delivery of spares and services• Cost savings through optimized service cycles and reduced downtime of equipment• Longer life cycles for equipmentWe offer prompt support, spare parts and services in order to maximize your pump performance. Pump services16

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Peristaltic pumps Product Series & type markings Design Specifications ApplicationFlowrox hose pumps, transfer pumpsLPP-T-seriesGlobal: LPP-T65GM10-2-0-N-DNorth America: LPP-T2.5GM10-2-0-N-D Advanced rolling design eliminates friction, maximizes hose life, lowers energy consumptionSize: Volume: Pressure: Solids:Temperature: Particle size:Suction lift:DN32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100LPP-T1.25”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”0,5 – 100 m3/h /2.2 - 440 gpm7,5 or 10 bar / 150 or 108 psiUp to 80 % Up to 95 °C / 203 °F25 % from DN size 0 – 8 m / 0 – 26 ft capabilityToughest industrial applications such as thickener underflow, heavy duty slurry transfer, tailings transfer, sampling and dosingFlowrox hose pumps, dosing pumpsLPP-D-seriesGlobal: LPP-D20GM7.5-G3/4-3-N-DRNorth America: LPP-D3/4GM108-G3/4-3-N-DR Size: Volume: Pressure: Solids:Temperature: Particle size:Suction lift:DN15, 20, 25 LPP-D½”, 3/4”, 1”0,1 – 2 m3/h / 0 – 7.9 gpm7,5 or 16 bar / 108 or 232 psiUp to 80 % Up to 95 °C / 203 °F25 % from DN size0 – 8 m / 0 – 26 ft capabilityFlowrox hose pumps, metering pumpsFXM-seriesGlobal: FXM2-S-36-N011 North America: FXM2-S-36-N011Accurate metering: Positive displacement provides same output on every cycleSize: Volume: Pressure: Temperature: Suction lift:2 and 30 – 0,84 m3/h Up to 8,6 bar / 124 psiUp to 46 °C / 115 °F0 – 8 m / 0 – 26 ft capabilityChemical dosing applications that require accurate meteringProgressive cavity pumpsProduct Series & type markings Design Specifications ApplicationFlowrox progressive cavity pumpsE-seriesGlobal: FPC-E35/ 10-80-2-0-0-0BN-NBR-GP-C /North America: FPC-E35/ 10-80-2-0-0-0BN-NBR-GP-CAdvanced spiral technology, 2/3 rotor geometry, combination of an elliptic rotor and a stator with even wall thicknessSize: Volume: Pressure: Temperature: 2/10, 4/10, 10/10, 20/10, 35/10, 70/10, 150/10, 250/100 – 228 m3/h / 0 – 1000 gpm Up to 10 bar / 150 psi 0 – 1000 gpmUp to 70 °C / 158 °FFlooded suction duties e.g. paper coating and paste pumpingFlowrox progressive cavity pumpsEL-seriesGlobal: FPC-E35/ 10-80-2-0-0-0BN-NBR-GP-C /North America: FPC-E35/ 10-80-2-0-0-0BN-NBR-GP-CAdvanced spiral technology and 2/3 elliptic rotor geometrySize: Volume: Pressure: Temperature: 50/6, 100/6, 200/6, 330/60 – 188 m3/h / 0 – 830 gpmUp to 6 bar / 87 psiUp to 70 °C / 158 °FFlooded suction duties e.g. municipal waste pumpingFlowrox progressive cavity pumpsD-seriesGlobal: FPC-E35/ 10-80-2-0-0-0BN-NBR-GP-C /North America: FPC-E35/ 10-80-2-0-0-0BN-NBR-GP-C1/2 rotor geometry and compact sizeSize: Volume: Pressure: Temperature: 004/12, 010/12,025/12,075/120 – 0,75 m3/h / 0 – 6.6 gpm Up to 12 bar / 175 psiUp to 70 °C / 158 °FFlooded suction duties e.g. flocculant and chemical dosingFlowrox pump product portfolioPumps17

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Centrifugal pumps Product Series & type markings Design Specifications ApplicationFlowrox centrifugal pumpsCF-S-seriesGlobal: CF-6S4-F-MMM-GP-20-BDNorth America: CF-6S4-F-MMM-GP-20-BDOpen and closed impellers. Several material options for impellers and liners.Volume: TDH: 2,3 – 4000 m3/h / 10 – 18 000 gpmUp to 73 m / 240 ftCorrosive and abrasive slurriese.g. minerals processingFlowrox centrifugal pumpsCF-V-seriesGlobal: CF-1,5V-P-MM-900-BDNorth America: CF-1,5V-P-MM-900-BDVolume: TDH: 0 – 1135 m3/h / 0 – 5000 gpmto 50 m / 160 ftCoarse, abrasiveand corrosiveslurries e.g.sump pump in mineralsprocessing. Dry run capability. Complementary productsProduct Series & type markings Design Specifications ApplicationFlowrox Expulse pulsation dampenerGlobal: FPD65-10-0-2-NRNorth America: FPD2.5-10-0-2-NRAll in one; flexible pipeline connectionand dampenerSize: Hose: Wetted parts: Pressure: Temperature: Filling media: Auxillaries:DN32 – DN100 / 1.25’’ — 4’’ NR Standard AISI316 & NR 10 bar / 145 psi +75 °C / +167 °F Oil free compressed airFlangesFor hose pumps in applications where pulsation dampening is neededRevolution sensor & pressure transmittere revolution sensor calculates the cycles of the pump. Pressure transmitter can be used to detect overpressure of the pipeline.For hose pumpsHose leak detectore hose leak detector indicates hose leakage into pump housing. It automatically stops the rotation of the pump when connected to the control system.For hose pumpsAuxiliariesPumps18

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Standard spare partsProduct Specifications ApplicationHoses• NR, EPDM, NBR, NBRFFor transferring and dosing pumpsTubes • FXM tube material options: Norprene®, Tygothane® and Tygon lined Norprene®For metering pumpsSpare parts and spare part kits• Bearing sets • Sealing setsFor hose pumpsRotors• 1/2 and 2/3 geometry • Black nitrated carbon steel• Stainless steel• Hard chrome plated• Hardened• Ceramic coatedFor PC pumpsStators• All materials e.g. NBR, EPDM, CSM, FPM• 1/2 and 2/3 geometryFor PC pumpsShafts• Drive shaftsFor centrifugal pumpsBearing units• Complete bearing assembliesFor centrifugal pumpsShaft seals• Mechanical seals• Sealing cords e.g. teflon and graphiteFor centrifugal pumpsStandard spare parts19

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