Communicate Better Through The Documents You Share.

Get the benefits of in person communications, without the need to be there.

With LoudDoc, your communications take place asynchronously around a shared document. People participate on their time, not in real-time, freeing up everyone's time to understand uninterrupted.

Avoid Meeting Fatigue.

Since 2020, meetings have increased by 13%, with 70% of those meetings distrupting the flow of getting work done.

Asynchronous Communication Through Your Shared Documents.

LoudDoc is an unscheduled conversation where participants have a shared, productive dialogue across time, not in real time. Unlike in person, where everyone needs to be together at a specific time, Louddoc documents allows clients, teammates, students and stakeholders to learn, absorb, and give feedback at their convenience.

Speak to people in the time and place most convenient to them, without being there.

Goodbye to disruptive scheduling that disrupts the flow of work and hello to working together when you want, where you want.

Au revoir to time wasting overtalkers, interrupters and chatterboxes and bienvenue to deep thinkers, planners, and sober reflection.

Ciao to note taking, misinterpretation and meeting fatigue and hola to everyone aligned on the same page.

To The Point.

No more talkaholics. With one-minute voice and video recording limits, you can focus your audience on what's important.

When Everyone's Ready.

No more wrangling schedules. Your audience views a LoudDoc when it's convenient for them, and when they are ready to listen.

Be heard And Understood.

No more misunderstandings. Feedback happens without interruption, distraction, or overtalking. Everyone, even the deep thinkers and planners have an opportunity to be heard.

Stay In Context.

No more off-topic conversations. With per-page recordings, feedback is focused on what's in front of you.

Work From The Same Page.

Never take another note. Review past LoudDocs and listen to what was actually said.

Stay Focused On Work

Reduce disruptive meetings. You keep getting stuff done while creativity, innovation, and alignment happens simultaneously.

How LoudDoc Works

Reduce the number of meetings you need to attend by communicating with your audience on their schedule, through the documents you share.

Record a walkthrough of your shared LoudDoc.

With LoudDoc, use the power and human connection of voice and video to record per page on your slides, documents, agendas, and PDFs, providing the clarity and context your audiences crave.

Share your link anywhere

Set an end date of a day, a week or a month for participation, then share your LoudDoc link. Your LoudDoc meet without meeting is accessible from any device, on any modern browser, all in a professional, personal, and persuasive presentation.

Get thoughtful feedback when its convenient for people to contribute

Participants can add insights, comments, concerns, and kudos around the topics on each page. Everyone's kept up to date in realtime when new comments are added.

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The LoudDoc Experience

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Be on the same page, when not in the same room.

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