LoudDoc + Canva

Design in Canva, Share With LoudDoc! Turn Canva designs into LoudDocs.

Here’s How It Works.

Convert your Canva Designs into LoudDocs. Once you've enabled our LoudDoc plugin, you can share your Canva Design for conversion without ever leaving Canva. The LoudDoc plugin allows you to update your design in Canva, then apply that update to your existing LoudDoc. It makes revisions a snap

Exporting A Canva Design.

  • In your Canva Design, tap the SHARE button.
  • Select the LoudDoc app.
  • Select all pages then tap SAVE.
  • Select open in LoudDoc.
  • In LoudDoc, complete the conversion steps.

Updating A Canva Design.

  • Follow steps 1 to 4 above.
  • Select replace during the LoudDoc conversion steps.

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